The Rise and Rise Of Digital Marketing

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digitalexecutiveToday I am going to take a look at the inexorable rise of Digital Marketing. I’m sure the fact that the massive increase in online transactions has not been lost on anyone only serves to illustrate this You only have to look at the power Amazon now weilds in the online world. Everyone is jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon, indeed, everyone is now starting to jump on the mobile commerce bandwagon.

Mobile Transactions

It was now nearly two years ago that mobile search overtook desktop search in the U.K as the main platform for searches. And, whilst mCommerce has some way to go to overtake standard eCommerce my guess is the crossover will be quicker than many think.

This is being driven by the rapid increase in not only technology, but also online security which now allows us to transact in the mobile environment. I have to admit to being risk averse and I have yet to make any major transactions over the monile platform. However, I have happily spent over £1,400 on Amazon, from my laptop, in the last three days. O.K, I needed to upgrade some home cinema tech, I’ve been waiting to do it for a long time – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

The Facts Are Clear

But the facts are clear, massive and rapid change and advancement are now the norm in online sales.

So, what does this seachange mean for the Digital Marketing world? I talked to Doug bates of Digital Marketing recruitment experts Intelligent People. They have been recruiting in Digital marketing for over thirteen years, so were very early adopters of the market and have lived with the rapid change and massive expansion during that timeframe.

“It’s unreconisable from the market we entered in late 2002”, Doug recalls, “think back to what Amazon was at the time, an on line bookstore and not much else. You only have to look at Amazon to illustrate the changes we have seen”.

What do you think are the main changes?

The Main Changes

“Well, the sophistication of not only the sales systems, but also the relational systems these huge eCommerce companies now use. They are incredibly advanced. For example, the User Experience role is now very different. It used to be concerned with the customer journey through the website, the ease of passage from entry to sale. Nowadays it’s changed beyond all recognition and is about the maximisation of the spend on the customer journey”.

That is a very big change indeed.

“Yes it is, but it’s how the big online players who are selling consumer goods maximise their incredible profitability”, he says, “if you look at Google or Facebook’s model, it is different, it’s about selling adverts to business, so B2B, but Amazon is B2C and they are extremely good at what they do”.

Why do you think that is?

Visionary Thinking

“Two reasons I think”, he pauses, “firstly, Jeff Bezos had incredible vision, for me he’s in the same class as Steve Jobs, a true visionary. But, the key was to translate that vision. You see Bezos lost millions for many years after the launch of Amazon, but he could see the “long game”.

Amazon is certainly dominant opnline these days.

“Bezos saw Amazon as the place online, the biggest online store where you could get everything you could possibly want. So,he set about creating that, he invested not just in product, but in systems development. Very advanced development because he knew to drive his dream he would need to “invent” systems and processes to make it work – that’s why I say he’s a visionary”.

Just Look At Amazon

So, you supply Amazon with people, what sort of changes have you seen in the type and nature of people they hire?

“Very good question”, he smiles, “I taked about the change in the UX job role earlier, but, not only have we seen job roles change, we have seen many new types of role created. For example, who thought that SEO Jobs would become so prevalent? SEO used to be very simple, but with the advances Google have been making in their algorithm, it is now an art form. A good SEO has a wide and varied skillset from not only on-page optimisation, but across link building startegies and social infrastructure, the lines are getting blurred. Social media vacancies are also at an all time high”.

New Job Roles

What about new roles?

“We are now seeing roles such as Loyalty Marketing Jobs, specialisms ion and of themselves now. Online Trading vacancies a plenty and also areas such as Product Management remain strong. Online trading is another new and growing area we recruit in to as is Site Optimisation and Conversion, which of course, is very different to search engine optimisation”.

It’s a growing and massively changing entrepreneurial world.

“Indeed it is”, he grins broadly, “it keeps it interesting and challenging, we need that to drive our business forward.

Thanks Doug for the amazing insights in to the world of eCommerce.

The Many Practical and Creative Ways to Window Tint

If you look around you right now you will probably see some form of glass – whether you’re at home, at work or in a car. While most of us probably wouldn’t think much about that glass, it can be used as a blank canvas to transform your home, office or vehicle to something more attractive, stylish or private.

If you’re wondering how, the answer is window tinting film. It can change the colour of the light flooding into a building, discreetly hide you from outside eyes, cut down the amount of glare and UV radiation that the sun’s rays emit and apply a protective coating to glass so that the windows reach health and safety guidelines for workplaces, hospitals and schools.

Dramatic Effect

Tintmaster, window tinting Hertfordshire professionals based in St Albans, are passionate about the dramatic but easily achieved effects that glass tinting film can add to windows of every sort. Their team of expert technicians have transformed commercial office spaces, public buildings, houses, flats and conservatories – and even sports stadia – just by applying a layer of window film.

window colour effectMartin Schlatter, manager at Tintmaster, says, “We’re one of the most accomplished car window tinting services in St Albans and have given a large variety of vehicles – from sports cars to cabs – and even tractors – a sleek executive look that also has the practical application of keeping the heat down inside a vehicle with solar reflective qualities. One car showroom was having problems selling cars off its forecourt so gave selected vehicles an application of window tinting film in shades ranging from a hint of grey to opaque smoky black. They sold all the cars in a short space of time after that! Car owners love the touch of luxury that vehicle window tinting brings to their car – and the resulting privacy the darker shades bring too.”

Private Lives

Being invisible to outside view is another compelling reason why people choose window tinting film. “Imagine an office space with floor to ceiling glass walls and within each glass partition there’s someone’s desk or an individual team or department. Opaque milky white film is a very popular choice for companies to give these separate spaces, or a larger meeting room, a bit of privacy. Or you can divide these spaces with the use of coloured window film and say, give human resources a red shade of film and finance blue. So navigation around departments is easier as teams become quickly recognisable.”

“Or you can just simply have fun with colour and create striking light effects with bold bright colours applied to separate window panes,” Martin continues. “We’re often surprised by our customers’ creativity with the designs they want to achieve using colour and shades of light from daylight. How about creating a corporate logo when sunlight falls through the tinted glass onto an office or lobby floor? If you have enough glass space, colour variety and floor area, we can do it!”

Garden and Home Tinting

As for window tinting in residential buildings, conservatories and basement rooms are favourites for window tinting as it both adds privacy and blocks out too much light, and can even keep in warmth in the winter, and reduce heat in the summer. “Better and more effective than the expense and fussiness of blinds!” Martin says. “This type of film is also great for glass-fronted cupboards or wardrobes where you want to hide the messy contents!”

Safety window film is also an ingenious way of allowing building owners and councils to make their window glass meet current health and safety legislation regulations for windows. “If and when a window is broken, the safety film keeps all the pieces stuck together on the adhesive layer of window safety film. This can be invaluable in public places like hospitals and schools, where falling sharp fragments could easily hurt someone.”

After speaking with Martin and being made aware of glass window tinting film, I can’t help looking around my daily environment and thinking of ways that window tinting film could be used to improve my surroundings – the many ways it can be used are pretty impressive!

For more information on Tintmaster go to or visit them in Facebook

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Soars

A decade or so ago starting your own business may have seemed unusual, risky and maybe the sort of things that eccentrics would do. Today’s workforce, however, are more entrepreneurial minded than ever before, with work patterns changing and ‘a good solid permanent job’ increasingly elusive to find. There is no such thing anymore as ‘a job for life’, it could be argued, so people are becoming small business owners and going it alone.

Reality TV shows such as The Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice have also fuelled the public’s enthusiasm for inventive small businesses, with more school children and students thinking that there’s nothing unusual or eccentric about branching out on your own in a business. School projects also embrace this theme, preparing young people to be leaders of their own destiny, rather than a plodding nine-to-fiver who stays in a dreary job for years.

Start-up Recruitment

In this spirit of going it alone and setting up your own business, recruitment consultants Doug Bates and Chris Mason left their steady jobs recruiting IT staff for City investment banks to launch their St Albans-based recruitment agency Intelligent People a few years ago. Doug and Chris’s timing was impeccable, as they began their new business recruiting eCommerce employees for start-up online retailers just as the Internet was becoming a dominant feature of our daily lives. This was a time when ordinary people could be heard to say things like ‘I would never buy online as you can’t trust what you might get’ or ‘I’m not trusting an online shop with my credit card’.


In the following years, eCommerce has changed drastically, with a whopping number of people now buying goods online. Retailers have employed intelligent and sophisticated techniques to get us to buy, such as giving clear images and sometimes videos of what you want to purchase, previous customer reviews to give you confidence, and suggested alternatives to the product you’re viewing. Purchase happens in a click, and before you click the button you’re presented with add-on additional items that could complement your purchase. And of course online credit card use is now thankfully mostly secure and safe, unless you use a disreputable website.

Ecommerce Giants

Likewise, the clients who go to Intelligent People to find new recruits have also evolved into some of the largest eCommerce retailers out there. And the recruitment consultants at Intelligent People have a well-earned reputation as being specialist eCommerce recruiters, in addition to being experts in the area of digital marketing recruitment.

“As an agency, we have grown with our clients, and expanded as they have become more and more successful,” says Intelligent People co-founder Doug Bates. “Because of the online explosion, candidate requirements from our clients mostly require skills and experience in a number of digital channels. For example, the world of marketing is vastly transformed from the days when an advertising exec went out for 4-hour executive ‘lunches’ and was focused on spending his massive budget on print media exclusively. Now there are many online ways to market a brand, attract a highly targeted audience of prospects, and sell a product – literally anywhere, thanks to mobile devices.”

“Our consultants are experts in some, if not all, digital channels available today,” says the other co-fournder Chris. “These range from email marketing, search engine marketing, paid and organic online advertising techniques, and mobile-specific forms of marketing, such as location marketing which geo-targets consumers according to their location.”

“It’s not just marketing that’s been transformed,” Chris continues. “The online world offers many opportunities for business growth by employing a number of smart coding skills and by analysing web metrics, and other online statistics that website visitors generate, to identify successful activities. Based on this, new digital strategies are developed to multiply successful techiques.”

Rapid Expansion

“Some start-up organisations need an employee who focuses only on business growth and expansion, to acheive this as quickly as possible. That’s a new job requirement that we’ve only seen in recent years – growth hacker jobs,” Doug says. “Other executive job requirements, such as chief marketing officer vacancies, have changed beyond recognition because of the multiplying numbers of customer touchpoints, marketing communication platforms and online sales opportunities.”

As the digital world has affected a vast number of job descriptions and role responsibilities, the consultants at Intelligent People have kept in pace with all the changes, with the majority having worked in some similar area to the one they’re recruiting for. “We have a great relationship with our clients,” Doug explains. “We get to recognise the role they want to fill and understand their requirements in depth, so we only pick out quality candidates. And a lot of these advanced technologies require specialised individuals with specific skills and talents. So we’re mostly recruiting in areas where suitable candidates are hard to find. It really helps that we were in on the digital trends early on in our recruiting years at Intelligent People. We now have an established reputation as the digital-expertise recruiters,” Doug finishes with a proud grin.

If you’re interested in the wide variety of digital jobs that Intelligent People are recruiting for, visit their website at or find them on Facebook at


Useful Daily Tips for Successful Business

If you have started a new business then there are lots of things that you need to manage and take care. If you do little things on a daily basis for your business improvement, then you will surely get a big success one day. You must have made many plans and strategy for your business, but if you do small things daily then you will see a difference in a positive way. Here are some useful daily business tips for you.


Remind Your Customers about the Discount

When you are offering some discounts to your customers, then make sure that they know about it. While making the bill, mention the actual price and also mention the discount you are providing them. In this way, they will feel that they have made the best deal.

The Customer Is Always Correct

When you are starting a business, then just keep one thing in mind that your customers are the most special and important part of your business to grow and make it prosperous. Your main aim and primary motive is to satisfy the customer and this can be achieved only by your service and the goods you provide them. You should never challenge the customer.

Go For Extra Mile

When you start your business, and then make your customer feel pleased. Make them feel comfortable by offering some refreshments or give them discount coupons. All this will make them feel special. Give full attention to your customers; discuss with them what they want. Give them good suggestions when they are selecting something or if they are confused. You must compliment them and make them feel happy. Your extra efforts for doing something more for the customers will improve the growth of your business.

Display Merchandise Properly

The most important part of your business is the management and also to display your items properly so that your customers find it easy to see your items and they find them attractive. Your items should look new and this will make them sell and you will earn profit. Be enthusiastic when customers are in your shop. Dress well and welcome them with a smile. Keep your staff up to date and make sure they do work in the same manner. Just remember that first impression is the last impression.

Deliver More

Don’t make big promises to your customers instead show them by delivering them more. You will make customers come back to your shop again and again when you will promise less and deliver more. You can give promise to them to give a discount and with additional to this you can also offer them a small gift when they purchase something. This will make them happy and they will be impressed. They will come back again.

Hope these useful tips and tricks will surely work well for you and for your business. These tips are small keys to achieving a great success. Try out by doing little things daily to make your business grow. Your efforts will surely make your business flourish and you will make good profit.